Are you considering SELLING a property you own? There may be many things to consider.

First of all, have you done any research to determine where you might move? If your move will be local, within the same community, I can help by providing information about what the prices and amenities are in various neighborhood areas. If you want to explore other parts of the Bay Area, the state, or the country, I can hook you up with a good agent in those areas to assist you.

Second, do you know what your property might sell for in the current market? There are many factors that can affect the sales price, such as what time of year it is on the market, what cosmetic improvements have or have not been made, if it is professionally staged, how extensively it is marketed, how easy it is to show, how extensive it's internet presence is, how well the photos on the internet captivate the buying public, what your list price strategy is, how strong a negotiator your agent is, and what your competition of other homes for sale is at the time.

The best way to explore what your options are is to have me come visit your house in person, then meet again for a full presentation about marketing and pricing. Then, when you are ready to proceed, I will guide you through the process step by step, prepare a detailed market preparation plan, provide a calendar of when each preparation item will take place, and bring in a team of quality professionals to complete the necessary tasks.
Preparing a property for sale can take as little as two months or much longer, depending on what pace you prefer and whether you do work yourself or have trades professionals involved. It is never too soon to meet with a real estate professional. Better to do your homework now than to wait until you think you are ready to put your home on the market and then discover that you have spent precious time and money painting with the 'wrong' colors or replacing a structural component that won't return you more money for the house.

As a Certified Home Marketing Specialist (CHMS), I am trained to coach you on how best to aesthetically prepare your home to capture the interest of the most number of buyers, spend as little as possible on it, but obtain the best return for the money you spend.

If you will be retiring soon and want to downsize, or will be moving to a retirement residence, my training as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES designation) will be of benefit. You may be selling a home full of a lifetime of memories, and also a lifetime accumulation of possessions, which won't fit where you will be moving. You may need to take advantage of special financing alternatives which will allow you to access much needed equity for home preparation and/or purchase of the replacement home. There are also alternative methods of marketing for owners that do not want to do full cosmetic preparation and staging. These are all things that I can assist you with which are individual to a senior seller.

If you are a young mover and shaker, no worries, I also hold the ePRO designation. I am trained in the latest technology communication and social media marketing platforms. 

Are you considering both SELLING and BUYING? This can be more of a juggling act.

Timing becomes more critical when coordinating both selling and buying. I can help educate you about when the best time of year would be to obtain the highest sales price as a seller and also have plenty of inventory of available homes to select from as a buyer. And, depending on the circumstance, sometimes a temporary interim move is best.  In that case, you may need some resources for storage facilities.